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Guess The Song!


From the makers of some of the most popular trivia games on the Play Store comes a new word guessing game - Guess The Song! If you love music and solving puzzles, this is the game for you. Our abstract images spell out the song name for you. Some are easy, but some are very subtle! This quiz game definitely works your logic and reasoning skills!Turn on your favorite radio station or streaming site and Guess The Song with us!
When you open the game, you’ll see an image and a word bank. Click or type your answer to fill in the blanks! Also works well as a touchscreen app. Enjoy the music and have fun!--- HINTS! ---Guess The Song offers three different ways to help you solve a puzzling puzzle:· Expose a Letter reveals the next correct letter!· Remove Letters takes away some unnecessary letters!· Solve the Question gives you the answer so you can skip to the next puzzle!